Social Media Musings

13 Aug

This summer has been an interesting set of firsts for me in social media:

  • I got my first “commercial” offer on the blog–an incentive to run a contest. Gratifying to get asked to help promote a publication as lofty as Harvard Business Review.
  • Just a few weeks ago, I friended my mom on Facebook. It’s been interesting. She will not let me help her to post a picture of herself, but she was very interested in joining the fan page for Elvis and her church. She’s a bit lonely out there right now. I don’t think that there are many septuagenarians on Facebook. But my mom is not afraid to try new things, and I am quite proud of her.
  • I made the decision to “defriend” some people on Facebook who don’t interact with me anyway, in person or online. I am all about having quality interaction with the people that share back with me—not those who share nothing or just include me in push messaging that I’m not interested in. Life is too short to waste time. This defriending lightened my load in terms of friends but gives me more time to read and enjoy content from people where the friending is reciprocated. In case I accidentally deleted someone who really does matter to me, I made sure to let folks know that they should give me a shout to refriend–just as a safety net.

Nothing revolutionary here. Just some social media musings.

3 Responses to “Social Media Musings”

  1. I LOVE that your mom is on Facebook. Too cute. My mom is working on mastering email.

  2. Pete Kunk at 9:08 pm #

    Hello Kim!

    Thanks for your interest! I have read your blogs and your Twitter comments. I like your approach and your committment to be in this space real time and committed to quality relationships.

    I’m new to Social Media Networking and so far I love it!! I have read several books on it, talked to lots of folks who have been a huge help and most importantly …Doing it!

    I hear great things about you and your work and would enjoy meeting you. I’m certain we will know many of the same pwople.

    Pete Kunk

    • toknowbetter at 10:10 pm #

      Thanks, Pete. I took a look at your blog. It all sounds interesting. Let me know if you are ever downtown and maybe we can grab coffee.

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