16 Mar

Small acts of kindness have been standing out to me lately. Today while I was in a long line at the gas station counter, a woman at the front of the line paid the cashier and spilled her coffee all over the countertop. As she cleaned up the mess, the cashier kindly reassured her that it was okay and encouraged her to get another fill-up.

An extra three minutes in line for everyone, but I admired the cashier’s sympathy and calm way of finding order in the chaos of impatient morning travelers.

Some people meditate daily, by themselves with legs crossed sitting in front of a candle focusing on a private flame. Kindness openly expressed to another human being is an active meditation that brightens the giver and the recipient.

Everyone else in line caught a ray of that cashier’s light today. The beauty of it? I don’t think that she even realized its radiance.


One Response to “Kindness”

  1. dawn March 16, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    Ahh — great post!!!!

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