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Caffeine by Way of Coffee

28 Sep

Earlier this week my favorite Columbus coffee spot, Cafe Brioso, posted on Facebook about a new study exploring the wonders of coffee.

One interesting finding: Fifty-four percent of Americans like coffee so much because it makes them feel more like themselves.

I couldn’t agree more.

My long-term relationship with coffee didn’t begin until I was 22 or 23. Prior to that, I was not partial to it. But since then, I’ve been a two- or three-cup-a-day kind of gal.

The two exceptions were when I was pregnant with my kids and while I nursed them afterward. Adding that up, 27 months for my daughter plus 51 months for my son. (I did not make a mistake with those numbers. My son was a dedicated nurser, and I wouldn’t change that.) In total, this was a very long time to be without caffeine.

I still remember the day I went back on coffee after my son stopped nursing. My first cup was a metaphysical experience. I just know that I heard the Hallelujah chorus while sipping that mug.

Three cups a day (two in the morning and possibly one just after lunch) is perfection for me. Additional coffee beyond that point in the afternoon makes me overly spazzy at first and then laying awake in bed at 1 am (see photo at left from Dr. Seuss’s Go Dog Go).

Mountain Dew and Diet Coke do not count. The variety and amount of caffeine in coffee cannot be replaced by tea or cola. Other caffeine delivery vehicles pale in comparison.

The clear, awake and motivated sense of self I have after two cups of coffee makes me unstoppable. The world is suddenly bright! I can see the truth! Watch out: I WILL be getting things done, and anyone or anything in my way will not survive to tell the tale.

Few things in life top the joy of caffeine. Well, a couple of items far exceed it. But it’s definitely in the top 10. And surely worth writing about.