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Not Just Rhythm

28 Nov

I just finished reading Rolling Stone’s new 100 Greatest Guitarists issue.

Out of 100, 2 were women: Joni Mitchell (#75) and Bonnie Raitt (#89). Marnie Stern was listed as an up-and-comer (compared with several men her age on the “100” list).

I am not often inclined to cry sexism, but this was a serious miss. I am an amateur guitarist and was inspired by men and women in equal shares: A bit  Randy Rhodes, a little Nancy Wilson. The Rolling Stone judges are professionals and should have known better and/or done their homework.

Who hasn’t heard and appreciated these greats?

These new young guitarists should have been listed on the up-and-comer list:

  • Orianthi Panagaris (w/Steve Vai) – “High Strung
  • Ritzy Bryan (w/The Joy Formidable) – “Whirring

So take that, Rolling Stone.

Women guitarists rock, in rhythm and lead.