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We’re Out, We’re In: An Update on the Houses

8 Jul

Well, it’s now been just over a month since we moved into the new house. There are still a variety of projects underway. But we have thankfully hit the milestone of getting the old house ready to sell. It went on the market today.

While I’m at it…anyone want a cape cod in Bexley? Cute house, great yard and awesome neighbors. (Yay to our listing agent, Alex Macke, for these words: FABULOUS VALUE and KOI FISH POND and PREMIER NORTH BEXLEY STREET. Hey Alex, we never had koi in there, but it is deep enough…so why not?)

Since our move, Ben has hit the breaking point many times from sheer exhaustion. He’s been getting the old house prepped to go on the market. Easier to do when you don’t live there, but it’s still VERY hard work. He has been a trooper through it all, working on the house before and after he goes to his real job. Today he had some fun and took the kids to the movie. He deserved it! Here’s his blog about work on the new house. He’s been too busy to post lately, but there are some handyman type stories about his work on fans, light fixtures, fences and other “effing” things. I am his proofer and have had to go back and edit things just to keep them “G-rated.”

At the new place we have all established our traffic patterns. Having a more open floor plan has been great for our family. We are enjoying the unique 20s and 70s features of the home. It’s soothing to sleep with the windows open and hear the night sounds from the ravine in back. I’m spending a lot of down time on the deck, enjoying the view and the shade from our beautiful trees.

The dog is happy because we’ve discovered a dog park and a group that assembles there every night after work. That makes me content, too, because I can socialize with people and decompress after work, get some much needed outdoor time and wear out my little barking ball of energy.

My teenage girl is now rarely seen as she is happy spending time in The Teenage Suite upstairs. My 9-year-old son has spent a lot of time exploring the creek in the ravine. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to have inherited my allergy to poison ivy.

In my next post, I am going to focus on some of the interesting aspects of the new house. First up will be ceilings and light fixtures. We have some cool ones.